In 1996 or so, a doctor diagnosed me with atypical migraines. ¬†Why atypical? ¬†They only occurred on the right side and there were no triggers (like red wine or chocolate). ¬†My awesome acupuncturist once tried to treat them; his normal treatment didn’t help. ¬†What did help, however, was sticking a needle straight into my temple, about an inch away from where it feels like the pain is most intense. ¬†Within seconds, the pounding, throbbing, searing pain stops immediately. ¬†It’s the craziest thing ever. ¬†He thinks it’s some kind of tension issue… ¬†I don’t know.

Anyway. ¬†Because my acupuncturist has been so awesome & helped me with my not-migraines (as well as neck and back pain in the past), I’m going to give you his info. ¬†Just call him, regardless of your ailment–he seems to have a solution for almost anything. ¬†Martin Haines,¬†626-796-9987. ¬†He’s located in Pasadena.

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  1. cdragin says:

    It’s very typical for migraines to occur only on one side…in fact, it’s atypical if they *don’t*. The word migraine is derived from hemicrania: literally, half the head. There are many triggers in addition to red wine and chocolate, including bright or flickering lights (I can’t work under fluourescents or ceiling fans). Even changes in weather can cause them…once I realized this I discovered that my “out of nowhere” migraines usually tracked to changes in barometric pressure. I highly recommend going to a neurologist or headache clinic, as a lot of non-specialist physicians are not well-informed or up to date on migraine research.

    But that’s not why I came to your site because I was going a google search on timewarner routing issues. Saw your tweet and I’m off to check twitter next. Getting sick of rebooting, unplugging, flushing and clearing various browsers/computers/routers/modems at the request of time warner “support” just to find it was their problem all along.

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