The Next iPhone Speculation

There are a ton of people speculating about the next iPhone. ¬†iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, etc. ¬†I don’t have any personal knowledge of the matter–but I can say that there are some features that I would really like to see on the next iPhone. ¬†Before I list them, though, I should point out that the iPhone has become “just another phone”. ¬†There’s nothing the iPhone can do that other Android phones cannot, and that Blackberries or Windows can’t do without significant developer help. ¬†I personally like the iPhone interface better, but frankly, Google is doing a good job of catching up (and in some places, passing) the iPhone in its core functionality.

So the list. ¬†I’m going to divide it into a few parts:


If Apple releases an iPhone 5, it will come alongside an iOS 5 update. ¬†As a result, many of these feature desires are software based–you could see them in the current models with a software update.

  • LTE – this is the *real* 4G. ¬†Super fast internet.
  • Longer batter life.
  • Profiles (software based–this means that you’ll be able to customize notification sounds, etc, from your own library rather than the built-in one. ¬†Think of the Nokias; Outside, Indoors, Silent, etc.)
  • Thinner (why not)
  • Better cameras (they’re good now, but, well, yeah)
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) for payment, etc.
  • Better notification system (modal popups are horrid)


Not as realistic, but I hope:

  • More durable/rugged.
  • Louder speakerphone.
  • Louder earpiece.
  • 1080p Video with stabilization


These won’t happen, but I’ll throw ’em out there:

  • Biometric unlocking. ¬†I hate passcodes.
  • Tactile feedback that isn’t some stupid vibration.
  • Speech-to-text/voice command – one that actually WORKS.

I’ll probably think of more, but this works for now.

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