Movie Review: Crank High Voltage

One of the best things about Netflix is that I get to watch movies whenever I want. One of the worst things is that it doesn’t seem to have that good of a grasp on the types of movies I like.
Such an example is “Crank: High Voltage”. The successor to “Crank”, CHV (yeah, I’m lazy) might just be one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen. The whole time, I kept thinking to myself “suspend disbelief”; every time I did, a new scene popped up where I had to do it again. About 3 minutes in, I thought I could have been watching a student film–a bad one.
The plot is that Chev (Jason Statham), some kind of bad-ass, has his heart stolen & replaced with an artificial by some Chinese gangsters. He wants to get it back. Throughout the movie, he has to “recharge” the battery pack in a variety of stupid…well, funny ways. He also kills a bunch of people.
There is a tremendous amount of gratuitous sex & violence in the movie (Chev has sex with his girlfriend in the middle of a derby, there are several shoot outs involving naked women), which, while funny, doesn’t add to it.
Most bad movies make me feel as if I should have been drinking during it. This one leaves me wishing I had one afterwards.

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