Jury Duty

At this precise moment (as opposed to after-the-fact), I am sitting on a wooden bench outside of a jury room. It is a very uncomfortable bench, filled with the shallow carvings of tags, names, and the scratches of years of use. Across from me sits a coffee shop, likely with overpriced snacks for jurors to consume while awaiting…more waiting. My lower back is starting to hurt, as the faux-brick over concrete provides little lumbar support. People are reading, napping, talking, and trying to make the best of this time.

And it hasn’t even started yet.

I wonder why jury service has to be so bad. I think it’s the uncertainty that makes it so tough. Will I have to go in? For how long will I have to wait? Will I get on a jury? For how long will I have to be in a trial? Worst of all, how will this impact my life?

If I hadn’t been called in just now, I would be on a tennis court right now learning to improve my backhand and net play. This afternoon, I was supposed to be on a conference call with a client. But these plans have been dashed, all for the whims of jury service. When will it be over? Will I be able to take that conference call if I’m not called for a jury? How much work will I be able to do?

I’m looking forward to getting out of here.

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