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So I’ve been reading a lot about the new iPhone 4S. Admittedly, I am an Apple Fanboy, however, the complaints about the phone (written before they’ve got hands-on) is very frustrating. An example is CNET’s Top 5 video. The reviewer lists five reasons why the iPhone 4S is a flop: Screen size, the number is only a 4, it doesn’t have true 4G, it looks the same, and the presentation to announce it had no “one last thing”.

I’m going to take these one-by-one.

  • Screen size: CNET complained that the screen is too small. People want a bigger screen, yadda yadda. What he doesn’t mention is that bigger screens cause three major issues with cellphones: They kill battery life, they are hard to use one-handed, and they are a pain for developers to reprogram. Apple has a great niche for developers; you only have to program for 2.5 screen sizes (the 0.5 is because you don’t HAVE to program for the retina display on the iPhone 4 upwards).
  • The number is a 4. ¬†Give me a break. He’s saying that if they named it iPhone 5 people would like it more? I disagree. People would be even more upset that it doesn’t have amazing new features.
  • Doesn’t have true 4G: yes, this is irritating, however, it’s not a deal breaker. 4G service is a huge battery drain right now, and the chipset is larger. I understand the tradeoff, though frankly, I really would have liked it, only because I want to switch to Verizon.
  • Looks the same. Come on–it’s a great design–why change it? My only change design-wise would be to make it more durable.
  • No one last thing: give me a fucking break. You can’t knock the phone for that–and that was Steve Job’s thing, anyway.
He also makes fun of Siri, the voice control system, comparing it to “catching up to Android”. No, sir, you are incorrect. Android’s voice control does NOT control the phone. You can search with it, do dictation, and do basic phone navigation, but it does NOT have the same AI that Siri does. In fact, Siri is the main reason I bought the phone.
All in all: CNET, and all the assholes out there need to pull their heads out of their asses and realize that the iPhone is just a phone…one that works very well.

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