Windows 8 Is Horrifically Awful

Dell Venue 8 ProWhile cruising around my local Costco, I spied an amazing deal: a small-but-relatively-powerful tablet that ran a FULL version of Windows 8.1 for only $329.99. What? That’s it? I HAD to have it. So I bought it, and opened it. The build quality was pretty decent–it wasn’t an iPad, but heck, it was like a complete laptop, right?


After setting it up (which was a painful process to start with), I tried browsing the web. The on-screen keyboard had neat clicky sounds, and web sites loaded just as I’d have expected them to on IE. Until I tried watching a video, which asked me to press Escape to get out of the full screen mode. No problem…but wait…where’s the keyboard? I can’t access it in full screen! Oh, wait, that doesn’t matter *anyway* because there’s no escape key anyway! And no way to quit programs without opening the task manager. Huh, what? No! This IS NOT a full computer. Well, maybe I can check my email. Oh, no, wait, the keyboard pushes where I’m trying to type out of the way, so I can’t see what I’m typing…and as it turns out, that means that I’m not actually typing anything. What? Ugh. How about switching between apps? Oh, no, that’s not too easy, either; it has to be one-at-a-time by swiping from left to right. Swipe swipe swipe, none of the swiping is consistent, and forget the camera–it had NO idea how I was holding the tablet.

I couldn’t put it back in the box and return it fast enough. The Costco guy asked if it wasn’t working. “That depends on your definition of working.”

Someone ought to take Microsoft out behind the shed and beat the crap out of them.

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