About the Author

Adam Weiss is a 30 year old guy.  Born in the Los Angeles area, and still a resident, he is jaded by the constant sunlight and bizarre behavior of fellow Los Angelinos.  Nevertheless, this does not quash his generally pessimistic optimism (a paradox, yes, but a good one at that), and his writings generally reflect this.

Adam is an avid amateur photographer, shooting people (and blowing them up), landscapes, still lives, and marmosets.  While he loves portraits the most, candid shots are his favorite.

Other activities Adam finds himself doing are web programming (coincidently this is also his chosen occupation), kickboxing, tennis, reading, and watching WAY too much television.

Some traits that make Adam stand apart from most of his peers, and people in general, are that he is rather straightforward; he speaks what is on his mind, generally without regard for any self-censorship. ¬†He tries to be as truthful as possible (no, you’re not fat…maybe a bit plump, though), but still tries to retain composure and a sense of respect.

He loves playing with gadgets, and it is this addiction that is causing him the greatest financial stress.  Fortunately, Apple came out with the iPhone, which fortunately put an end to his four-month cellphone purchasing cycle.

He also hates writing in third person. ¬†So that’s why he’s stopping this silliness now.

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