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Eye Contact

Friday, August 21st, 2009

When’s the last time you talked to your best friend? ¬†How about the last time you had a good conversation with a good acquaintance? ¬†More importantly, did you actually TALK to the person, or are you using chat/text/emails or other forms of online communication to play that role?

Email, texting, and chatting are completely ruining interpersonal relationships. ¬†Yes, it’s convenient to text and IM, but honestly, it’s not a good substitution for actually being with someone. ¬†Making true eye contact is so important. ¬†You can tell so much from someone’s voice, or someone’s body language; all that information is lost when you type. ¬†Sarcasm, tone, and overall attitude plays a huge role that we ignore by just chatting.

I’m not asking everyone to just pick up the phone and call me to get together–but it’s food for thought. ¬†When’s the last time you actually gave your friend a hug?

Microsoft Still Supporting IE6

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

I just read on Slashdot that Microsoft has no plans to kill IE6. ¬†Lovely. ¬†As much as that irritates me, I understand… ¬†The release Internet Explorer 6 practically coincided with that of Windows XP, the operating system most people seem to be using nowadays. ¬†Microsoft has pledged support for Windows XP for a while, and as a result, MUST provide support for IE6. ¬†What has to change, then, is Microsoft’s support for XP, and therefore IE6. ¬†If they drop support for both packages, we can move on with life.

I guess my MAIN question to Microsoft is this:  While IE 7/8 is not a mandatory update, why can they not at least move it to a high-priority update?  More importantly, why can these corporate clients, hellbent on sticking with IE6, more open to transitioning to newer software?

I hope these IT people adopt Windows 7 with the same fervor as Mountain Dew and Pizza…

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