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Lazy Sunday

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

I had a nice, easygoing Sunday.



Online Dating: Sisters

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Sometimes, I’ll find myself chatting with someone for months before meeting up, if we even meet at all. Such was the case with “Belle”. She sent me three very blurry photos of herself (one was actually a scan of her passport photo, so it had a hologram through it), and while that’s normally a red flag, she seemed very nice, and we talked on the phone a couple times a week. I continued to pressure her to meet, yet she always came up with an excuse why she couldn’t.

Finally, one afternoon, she IMed me and asked if I wanted to meet for lunch. I readily agreed, and met up with her at a nearby shopping area. ¬†I was pretty excited, as we knew quite a bit about each other, and putting a non-blurry face to a person is fulfilling. ¬†I had a picture of her in my mind, based on the photos, and from what she told me over time. ¬†5’8″, a little “chunky” (her words”, and clumsy.

She walked up to me in the parking lot, and said hello. ¬†I was stunned–she was gorgeous, had an amazing figure, and if she was clumsy, her heels didn’t indicate any clumsiness. ¬†We walked to a nearby caf√© and talked for a bit. ¬†Something was a bit off–she was much more aggressive in her tone than she ever was on the phone, and something sounded…different. ¬†“Belle,” I started, “tell me more about what you’re studying.” ¬†She looked at me with a grimace.

“Adam, I wish you’d stop calling me Belle. ¬†It’s creepy.” ¬†I was confused.

“What do you mean? ¬†Isn’t Belle your name?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “Belle is my little sister. ¬†I’m Hailey. ¬†You and I never chatted or talked before, but my sister talked all about you constantly–I wanted to see what the buzz was all about.”

I didn’t know what to say. ¬†She had switched places with her sister!

“Adam, please don’t tell Belle that we met. ¬†I didn’t tell her I was doing this.”

So we talked for a little bit longer, and then parted ways.  As it turned out, Hailey had just broken up with her  boyfriend, who she talked incessantly about, and apparently just needed someone to talk to.

About 6 months later, I met Belle. ¬†She was, in fact, 5’8″, “chunky”, and clumsy. ¬†In person, she wasn’t as open as she was on the phone, and it just didn’t work out.

Ok, maybe that wasn’t *that* exciting, but I figured it was worth sharing!

Get Your History Straight

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

I wasn’t going to tell this one originally–it’s not nearly as sensational as some of my other meetings, and it has some somewhat serious racial issues; but it definitely sticks out in my mind as one of the more bizarre incidents.

“Glenda” described herself as attractive, intelligent, funny, and engaging. ¬†Her photos were nice; beautiful, nice body, and a great smile all added to her allure. ¬†She was definitely nice, and someone who seemed like she could be minimally be a friend. ¬†During our phone conversations, she seemed openminded, and she alleviated my reservations about going out with her. ¬†Until meeting her, I had never gone on a date with a black girl.

We met on campus in a public place, and we decided that we should just be casual and hang out. ¬†Unfortunately, it was cold out, so we went to my dorm room. ¬†After a brief discussion about USC, she started a diatribe about race and racial relations. ¬†Suddenly, she accused me and “my people” of being responsible for holding down and enslaving HER people. ¬†Every time I interrupted her to get a word in edgewise, she would cut me off and continue to explain how my relatives only a few generations ago brutally treated her relatives, and that I should pay for it.

Finally, I put my foot down.

“I’m of Jewish heritage–my people did NOT enslave yours. ¬†In fact, MY people were enslaved many years ago.”

Her response? ¬†“I don’t care–you’re white–you hold us–me–down.”

I was incredulous. ¬†“You don’t care? ¬†You’re attacking me on false grounds.” ¬†This back-and-forth continued for a couple minutes, before I realized that the only reason she came over in the first place was to pick a fight. ¬†I asked her to leave–and after a bit more yelling, she did.

Stunned does not describe how I felt after that.  What was supposed to be a nice date turned into a waste of time.

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