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Friday, April 30th, 2010

ipadOriginally, I was not going to buy the iPad. ¬†In fact, after seeing the Apple keynote presentation highlighting it, I felt somewhat irritated by the fact that Apple had not released a full-on convertible tablet (that’s a laptop that swivels into a tablet, or something). ¬†No, instead they created their own idea. ¬†The iPad.

So I went to the Apple Store in Pasadena to get my laptop checked out, and while there, looked at the iPad.  People were flocking around the display tables, happily playing with the iPad, much like they did with the iPhones when THOSE came out.

When it was my turn, I immediately opened up the applications I knew I would use most: Mail, Safari, Pages, and the iPod. ¬†What I saw absolutely blew my mind. ¬†Steve Jobs described using the iPad as “magical”, and honestly, that IS a bit over the top. ¬†But the interface is smooth, tight, and extremely usable. ¬†As they say, it just works.

But really, where does this thing fit into my life? ¬†I bring my laptop virtually everywhere, and my netbook is only a little bigger than my iPad. ¬†And that’s where the comparison really starts… ¬†How is the iPad worse than my laptop? ¬†How is it better than the netbook? ¬†Well, as it turns out, there are OTHER applications that I use with the iPad that REALLY make it shine…

iBooks: That’s the book reader. ¬†It’s amazing. ¬†My father has a Kindle (that I appropriated, as he didn’t like it), and it was a pretty stellar experience. ¬†The iPad destroys it. ¬†Page turns are faster, quieter (that button clicking sound on the Kindle is obnoxious), and prettier. ¬†It’s an overall better experience. ¬†Mind you, the Kindle app that is available is pretty nice, too–but Apple knows how to make an interface.

Netflix: ¬†If you have a Netflix account, and enjoy watching movies on your laptop with it, the iPad is even better. ¬†The iPad doesn’t get hot. ¬†It saves your place. ¬†It’s got a decent resolution, so it’s not horrible to watch. ¬†it’s enjoyable.

Games: Every game I’ve played so far that has been designed for the iPad is a great experience–it’s so easy to get into it.

Anyway. ¬†The iPad was an unexpected surprise–and definitely a great netbook replacement. ¬†I highly recommend just playing with one–you’ll probably end up buying it.

More on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post against commercialized Search Engine Optimization (SEO). ¬†I’m bringing it up again because I have had a few clients complain that they are not getting the site visits they expected. ¬†Some have asked to add keywords in metatags, and others have simply asked what they are doing wrong.

First and foremost: Metatags are out. ¬†Google officially does not use them, and from what I can ascertain, Yahoo and Bing do not weigh keywords very high when performing indexing. ¬†I personally do not really care about the other search engines, but it’s likely that they have also come to the same conclusion: metatags are worthless devices for determining the actual content of a page.

So my advice? ¬†Don’t focus on metatag keywords, descriptions, etc–set your sights on the REAL problem: you don’t have enough interesting content on your site. ¬†Sure, you might have some neat content every month (hell, that’s just like my blog), but without a constant flow of new, original content, no one is going to care about your site enough to link to it. ¬†The more the search engines perceive (yes, I’m personifying search engines) that you have a popular web site, the more they are going to steer people towards them.

And all this fuss and muss about the difference between organic and sponsored results? ¬†Bull. ¬†Pay for advertising on the search engines. Sure there are people out there who don’t click on sponsored results–but if they search for “Pasadena real estate lawyer”, and your web site “John Doe and Associates: doing Real Estate Law in Pasadena since 1492” shows up, they’ll consider clicking on it. ¬†Maybe they won’t–maybe they will–but you’ll be damned sure they won’t click on it if they can’t see it on page 12 of the search results. ¬†Right?

So what should you take from this? ¬†Update your site regularly with interesting, engaging content. ¬†If you’re a personal trainer, write a paragraph a day about a new exercise or routine. ¬†Don’t think of it as much as a blog as it is news. ¬†Pay for advertising–when you’re they only shop in town, you don’t need to let people know who you are–but when you’re one of hundreds, you have to stick out.

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