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Famous People

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

I feel like such an idiot. ¬†While waiting for my car in the valet area after Rotary, I saw this young woman who I thought I had met before. ¬†“You look so familiar–where do I know you from?” She shrugs. ¬†“Where did you go to high school?” ¬†She replies, “Temple City.” ¬†I said, “Ah, I went to San Marino. ¬†That’s not it.” ¬†She giggled and said, “We’re rivals!” ¬†I laughed, then continued, “What about college?” She said, “UCLA.” ¬†I said, “Wow, we’re really rivals! ¬†I’m Adam, what’s your name?” ¬†She says, “Julia,” while shaking my hand. My car arrived, and I left. ¬†Three hours later, I’m reminded of one of my favorite television show, “Chuck”, and it clicks; the girl is Julia Ling from the TV show. ¬†Whoops. ¬†I “recognized” her without realizing why. Doh!

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