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Goodbye, SiriusXM!

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Sirius XM TrashSiriusXM music sucks. There, I said it. It SUCKS. Listening to music on SiriusXM is like expecting to savor a crisp, sweet apple, only to find that it’s a week-old Carl’s Jr. western bacon cheeseburger. That your dog tried first. And said, “no, fuck this shit.”

So, after 13 years, I’m finally ditching SiriusXM.

The tipping point happened today¬†while driving to Rotary. Styx’ “Come Sail Away” came on the Classic Vinyl station (named appropriately, “Classic Vinyl”), and I was prepared to enjoy it from the first piano stroke.

Like a slap in the face (ok, more like a poke in the eardrum), I was assaulted by the most obvious¬†compression artifacts¬†I’ve heard since 1995. The true nerd I am, I deftly switched my car’s audio to Bluetooth, and told Siri to play “Come Sail Away”. Like a loyal servant (my Siri is a saucy Australian woman self-labeled “Seeeereeee”), the same version¬†with which SiriusXM had beaten¬†me came on, this time, artifact-free, full, and rich,¬†Courtesy of Apple Music.

I finished the song, and told Siri to play some Classic Rock for me. She complied. Silently, disappointingly.

While SiriusXM USED¬†to be an amazing service, they¬†can’t compete against the glut of newer, cheaper, and more agile services. More importantly,¬†music that was once CD quality is now reminiscent of early Internet music: MP3 quality over a 28.8Kbps modem: rusty, tinny, and grating.

And if that wasn’t enough, SirusXM gouges the FUCK out of its subscribers. For¬†$20/month, you get the privilege of having MOSTLY commercial free music, and a bunch of other channels happy to sell you erections, lube, and other channels. With mobile data prices decreasing, it makes more sense to be gouged by my mobile carrier and stream music over LTE than be insulted¬†by poor quality music.¬†Decision made. Goodbye, SiriusXM. It was a nice run.

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